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I thought i would do a littie interduction... My name is Kutrina. im… - Spinning Wool [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 12th, 2007|10:07 pm]


I thought i would do a littie interduction...
My name is Kutrina. im 24, married, and i am a spinning addict!
I got into spinning at a fiber fest in BC years ago. There was a guy who was spinning and so he taught me. It was pritty cool. i spent the next year and a bit looking for a good used wheel. 
I ended up selling my mom's old loom and she gave me a cut of the money. 
I ended up going with my hubbie on a trip to the interior of BC. And went to pentiction. There we went to a farmers market thing, totaly by accident. And i was looking for wool. This lady was spinning, and so i started talking to her, and told her i was looking for a wheel. 
She told me she was actualy selling the one she was spinning on, and told me the price, i called my mom to see what she thought, and she said to go for it. So i paid for it and the lady said to come back in a hour so she could ply her yarn.
I ended up comming back and she gave me a little tutoral on how to use it (ended up being over an hour!) 
was totaly cool and got some other people intersted in spinning. 
So that was my start... 
I <3 my spinning wheel. I only had one issue with it, a plastic part broke and i found someone within 12 hours who had a replacement part, went to her house, and it was fixed! 
SO here is some recent and not so recent photos...

so another thing. 
Here who spins in bare feet?

[User Picture]From: dognotspicy
2007-10-04 06:23 pm (UTC)
I do. Can't treadle with shoes or even slippers on!
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