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Hi all [Oct. 4th, 2007|11:09 am]


Hi there. Just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mollie and I've been spinning for nearly a year now. I started back in January of this year, teaching myself to use a drop spindle. It wasn't long before I made the commitment to purchase a spinning wheel, which I did a week later. I bought a Kromski Sonata and I just adore it.

I've got the spinning disease. I cannot keep myself from buying wool and other fibres all the time, LOL. I have more than enough wool in my stash to last a number of years, and yet I still add to it. Yes. I'm addicted.

I have recently been buying raw fleece. It's a lot cheaper and there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that I've prepared my wool from start (well, nearly-- off the sheep's back without having to raise sheep!) to finish. I am keen on ancient British breeds, having spent some time in the north of England on holiday and in search of wool. There is a certain difficulty in finding ancient breed wools, although the Rare Breeds Survival Trust of the UK is a great source for finding farmers and wool suppliers. The postage is a killer though, so I've been scouring the internet for American breeders of British wool sheep and have been rather successful in finding them. In fact, this passion/interest in ancient breeds started when I visited a small wool festival at an old priory in Castle Acre, Norfolk. The ladies there were just demonstrating spinning, and I got to chatting with one of them who had a bag of Hebridean wool. When I had make inquiries about it, she said I could have it and just gave me the entire bag of washed fleece- about 2 kg of it!

My most recent purchases have been some fleeces consisting of both black and white Cotswold, Shetland and a lovely Border Leister/BFL cross from a ram named Aaron. ;-)

My favourite wools to spin are Wensleydale, Gotland and Cotswold.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I use both a top whorl drop spindle as well as my wheel. I have also taught myself to weave. I just purchased an Ashford Rigid Heddle loom and absolutely adore it. I also needle felt on occasion. My knitting skills are basic, but I enjoy that as well.

I'm currently working on a piece that is a combination of brushed mohair and recycled sari silk and it's coming out really well.

As soon as I finish my projects, I'm going to start to do some tablet weaving. It looks relatively easy, but we'll see.